BHP Billiton

Service: Asset Management | Project: Waste Water Treatment Plants | Location: Port Hedland

This asset management project involved Lycopodium performing full maintenance strategy builds and spares identification for BHP Billiton.

Project Overview

Lycopodium was appointed by BHP Billiton (BHPBIO) to perform full maintenance strategy builds and spares identification processes for new waste water treatment plants. These plants are located at BHPBIO’s port operations centre in Port Hedland as well as their new mine developments at Jimblebar and Orebody 24.

This involved extensive interaction with Perth-based and site-based client representatives. FMEA workshops were also conducted to work through maintenance models that were developed in Availability Workbench.

Using Availability Workbench software, Lycopodium’s engineering specialists developed maintenance libraries that were then assigned to individual pieces of equipment. The result was consistent maintenance that could easily be reviewed by the client.