John Holland Rail and Transport for NSW

Service: Civil Engineering, Rail | Project: Tumut to Cootamundra Line Re-opening | Location: Country NSW

This project involved Lycopodium providing engineering services to deliver a feasibility study into the reopening of the rail line from Cootamundra to Gadara.

Project Overview

The study for John Holland Rail (JHR) and Transport NSW involved the following:

  • Complete walk of the non-operational line
  • Development of an asset register
  • Baseline condition assessments of assets
  • Development of upgrade scenarios for various train configurations
  • Preparation of cost estimates

Lycopodium’s transport engineering consultants delivered the study over a 4-month period to an order of accuracy of +/- 30% of capital and operational costs.

Lycopodium developed a client portal so that JHR could view the site photos and description of assets during the study.

Lycopodium also conducted investigations and risk workshops during the study. This was to get feedback from the client on scenarios for various train configurations, and for preparation of cost estimates.