Shire of Serpentine

Service: Civil Engineering | Project: Thomas Road Design Review | Location: Jarrahdale

This task from the Shire of Serpentine involved Lycopodium providing project delivery services for the upgrade and duplication of Thomas Road in Byford.

Works delivered included compliance checks, geometric design reviews, drainage design reviews, shared use path incorporation and cost estimates for full construction.

Project Overview

Transport engineering consultancy support was provided by Lycopodium to complete this project.

Detailed reviews of design drawings were conducted to ensure overall compliance with the following:

  • Design basis
  • Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) standards
  • AUSTROADS standards
  • IPWEA guidelines
  • Shire requirements

The reviews were conducted in accordance with MRWA’s Design Review Guideline (Doc No. 67-08-59) utilising the provided report template to summarise both the scope and findings of the review.

Generating a cost estimate for full construction of the completed 85% design, the Bill of Quantities / Schedule of Rates was based on MRWA Example Schedule / Bill (dated 10 July 2012) with measurements in accordance with MRWA Standard Method of Measurements (dated 18 April 2013).