Shire of Wyalkatchem

Service: Asset Management | Project: Shire of Wyalkatchem Asset Management Services | Location: Wyalkatchem

Lycopodium provided the service of infrastructure asset management, delivering effective data collection with customisable Forward Work Plans.

Project Overview

The assessed facilities included the Aerodrome, Aquatic Centre and other recreation facilities. Lycopodium’s engineering services helped the Shire of Wyalkatchem (SOW) determine the current state of their assets to develop effective maintenance strategies for the future.

A fair value assessment was performed for the Aerodrome runway, terminal and supporting buildings. This assessment calculated the value of each asset on any selected year, allowing the SOW to determine the practical life of each asset.

Lycopodium’s in-house developed condition assessment software allowed for fast, efficient data collection that automatically linked to component base lives and unit costs.

A graphical representation of the Aerodrome runway was provided to highlight any defects. This helped the SOW to easily identify the location of any existent defects.