Roy Hill

Service: Civil Engineering | Project: Roy Hill | Location: Pilbara

Lycopodium was initially engaged to undertake the Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) and was then awarded the Definitive Engineering Study (DES) and ultimately the 2010 Bankable Feasibility Study in relation to the process plant, process plant facilities and infrastructure.

Project Overview

Lycopodium was engaged by Roy Hill to deliver the +10 / - 15% definitive engineering study for the process plant.

In 2008 Lycopodium the PES covering the process plant and engineering design, support facilities and services, project implementation, operations and capital cost estimate.

In 2009 Lycopodium also completed a concept study evaluating the supply of water to the processing plant which considered the engineering and environmental factors associated with the installation of a pipeline and pumping stations to transport water from a remote borefield to the processing plant.