Service: Asset Management | Project: Risk Based Inspection Assessment | Location: New Zealand

Lycopodium completed the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Assessments of Piping Systems on the MODEC operated Maari Field Tiro Tiro Moana Well Head Platform (WHP) located in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Project Overview

Lycopodium completed RBI Assessment of Piping Systems on Tiro Tiro Moana Well Head Platform using a semi-quantitative approach. The approach used logic models, where applicable, for the calculations of probabilities and consequences of failure of identified risks associated with the piping systems.

    Services provided include:
  • The collation and review of design, operations and engineering data from several reference sources to determine applicable WHP piping system risks;
  • The population of an Excel based RBI Master Template programmed with logic models used for the calculation of RBI risk assessment outputs with the collated data;
  • The completion of RBI assessments for 281 pipelines and 17 Pressure Vessels in 34 Corrosion Loops;
  • Corrosion Loop Mark Ups on 91 P&ID’s and 3 PEFS;
  • The facilitation of 3 RBI Assessment and Review Workshop Sessions;; and
  • The development of an Integrity Management Plan for the Tiro Tiro Moana Well Head Platform

A revised and updated the Maari Field Pressure Systems RBI Methodology document based on project learning.