First Quantum Minerals

Service: Civil Engineering | Project: Mina de Cobre - Panama | Location: Panama

This project involved Lycopodium providing engineering and architectural services for a mineral processing plant and associated port facility in Panama, Central America.

Project Overview

Our architectural consultants and engineering specialists were key contributors to this project. They produced designs for numerous buildings and support facilities including workshops, warehouses, storage sheds, incinerator buildings, administration and security centres, substations and first aid facilities.

Site services allowed for inclusion of the following:

  • Earthworks
  • Access road design
  • Drainage design
  • Port development
  • Transport infrastructure

Panama’s high annual rainfall and unique landscape presented the Lycopodium team with design, construction and operational challenges at the project site. In response to these challenges, Lycopodium’s hydrologists provided input on matters relating to drainage,flood risk management and sediment control. Engineering solutions include:

  • Hydrology based design documentation
  • Flood modelling, flood risk assessment and alleviation
  • Seismic and tsunami impact study
  • Drainage design (hydraulic design of pipes, open drains, culverts, flood ways and diversions)