Woodside Energy limited

Service: Asset Management | Project: Class 1H Pressure Vessels Fatigue Life Assessment | Location: Australia

Lycopodium completed a Simple Fatigue Assessment of Class 1H Pressure Vessels on Woodside Energy Limited (WEL) operated Goodwyn Alpha (GWA) Oil Platform. This included the collation and analysis of all relevant information to determine the Relative Fatigue Life of the Pressure Vessels based on calculated Fatigue Cycles.

Project Overview

Lycopodium Asset Management determined the Relative Fatigue Life of 30 GWA Class 1H Pressure Vessels in accordance to the Simple Fatigue Life Assessment Methodology detailed in the Australian Standard for Pressure Vessels, AS 1210-2010 Appendix M.

    Services provided include:
  • The collation of information on identified Pressure Vessels, including design, operation and maintenance records as well as pressure and temperature transmitter data records.
  • The validation, filtering and statistical analysis of collated pressure and temperature transmitter data to get a ‘clean’ data set for use in fatigue cycle counts.
  • The fatigue cycle count of filtered data using both the Simple Counting and Reservoir Counting Methods (ASTM E1049).
  • The analysis of cycle counting results to determine vessel cumulative fatigue life and compliance with the requirements of AS1210-2010 Appendix M.
  • Presentation and submission of report on methodology, findings and recommendations from the fatigue life assessment to the client technical authorities.

The project outcomes helped establish a full fitness for service inspection schedule for GWA Class 1H Pressure Vessels as part of the facility’s Life Extension Project