City of Bunbury

Service: Asset Management | Project: City of Bunbury Asset Management Services | Location: Bunbury

Lycopodium provided the service of infrastructure asset management. A condition assessment was delivered with customisable Forward Work Plans.

Project Overview

For this project, Lycopodium conducted an asset condition assessment for 24 different building assets in Bunbury. The assessed buildings included the South West Sports Centre, Bunbury Regional Library and Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre.

For each building, Lycopodium developed condition assessment reports and cover sheets containing asset information. The data collected from the condition assessment was then linked to component base lives and unit cost. Lycopodium’s main deliverable for this project was a customisable 10-Year Forward Works Plan with 3 prioritised scenarios.

Lycopodium’s in-house developed condition assessment software allowed for fast, efficient data collection that automatically linked to component base lives and unit costs.

A risk based prioritisation philosophy was used to generate the 10-year Forward Works Plan. The City of Bunbury was able to select the most suitable Forward Work Plan scenario or modify a plan based on their budget requirements.