Shire of Boddington

Service: Civil Engineering | Project: Boddington Recreation Centre | Location: Boddington

Lycopodium Perth delivered a functional and modern building within the client’s budget.

Project Overview

The objectives for this architectural project were as follows:

  • Provide a facility to cater to the current and future needs of the local Boddington community and surrounding area
  • Cater to the needs of local schools and a variety of sporting and social clubs
  • Create a modern, functional facility that has broad community appeal

The design produced by Lycopodium included enclosed multipurpose courts, storage facilities, change rooms, umpire room, first aid room, office, commercial kitchen, function room, public amenities and sheltered spectator area.

Sustainable Design

The architectural design incorporates passive sustainable principles through the use of natural lighting, water efficient fixtures and energy efficient lighting.

Construction Method

Due to where it was located, the building was a framed structural solution with infill cladding. This construction method aided in the ease and speed of building and reduced number of on-site trades. It also offered greater flexibility for incorporating future services and technologies.

Water Collection

All roof run off can be collected and reintroduced into a small dam located near the area.

Beautiful Features

The chosen materials, curved roof structures and splayed columns all work in harmony to create an aesthetically pleasing building.