Asian Development Bank

Service: Civil Engineering | Project: Asian Development Bank | Location: Valenzuela

Lycopodium’s engineering specialists participated in a multi-consultancy comprehensive review and analysis of the following:

  • Flood phenomena
  • Existing flood protection facilities and appropriate design
  • Riverbed shaping and channelling practices
  • Existing urban drainage system
  • Upper watershed conditions
  • Hydro meteorological data collection and analysis
  • Flood preparedness and zoning

Project Overview

This project aims to help the residents of Valenzuela City by addressing the recurring flood risk. Lycopodium’s approach to the study was holistic and coordinated.

Hydraulic engineering consultants explored and identified the following:

  • Structural measures addressing flood mitigation and drainage improvement
  • Non-structural measures aiming at resilience of urban infrastructure
  • Preparedness of the social system
  • Strengthening of the flood warning systems
  • Preparation for floods
  • Evacuation plans
  • Construction of a disaster and emergency operation centred

The objectives of the PFS were:

  • To prepare the proposed investments infrastructure for possible downstream financing. This includes the available climate change financing to help Valenzuela reach mitigation targets
  • Identify local capacity gaps and provide interventions to upgrade the capability of the local technical team in developing pre-feasibility studies for future infrastructure projects and recommend institutional changes to better address the implementation plans