Innovation Award Winner

In June 2016 Lycopodium were the proud recipients of the Permanent Way Institution (PWI) Ken Erickson Innovation Award for 2016 for the LycoMMS system and App.

Innovation Award - App

A Linear Asset Management System Developed by Linear Asset Managers

Recognising our clients’ needs to manage their assets smarter and more efficiently, Lycopodium custom-built a Maintenance Management System (LycoMMS). The award winning system provides for the scheduling of all maintenance and management of defects. Used in the field by Lycopodium inspectors, the LycoMSS allows for better asset management by collating compliance in one system and provides a seamless assement and validation process in real time.

If your business could benefit from an in-field inspection system that works outside of mobile coverage, provides inspection data to the office in real time, tracks defects, asset history and work orders, contact Lycopodium to discuss a customised system or check out our demo page


The Permanent Way Institution was formed in 1884 in England by a group of dedicated railway people, who were responsible for development of railway track across the British Isles, and who felt the need for an avenue for exchange of track design, construction and maintenance. The New South Wales Section was formed in 1974, not only to benefit from those who had gone before, but also to add to the development of still more efficient rail transportation in the years ahead. PWI NSW has over 500 personal members and over 90 coporate members making it one of thelargest networking institutions in Australia.

Each year the NSW PWI hosts a one day convention which is regularly attended by over 400 delegates. At the annual convention, awards are presented for outstanding achievement in major project delivery, maintenance delivery and innovation within the rail industry.

In 2016 Lycopodium took out the Innovation Award for the recently developed Rail Maintenance Management System and Inspection App. This award recognises the efforts of Rebecca Coffey from the Lycopodium Newcastle office in developing, testing and commissioning the system and the inspection staff at Lycopodium for embracing the inspection tool, which is a first for the rail industry. Rebecca has worked closely with our IT partner, Duncan Macneil from Cartesian Creative in the development of the system which has now been fully integrated into Lycopodium’s Rail Infrastructure Management services business.

The benefit to the rail Industry of utilising such a system and app are considered significant and include the following:

  • Improved reliance on defect information from the field (GPS locations of all defects are recorded, photos of defects are taken at the time thus establishing a basis for the assessment of severity).
  • Confirmation through Digital Signature and GPS tracking that the inspection was completed at a certain time by an authorised Inspector.
  • True Paperless System.
  • The Client Portal allows Managers (in our case Clients) to see that inspections are taking place real time. Managers / Clients can see all assets and defects in GPS locations and can click on assets / defects to see all attributes and history.
  • The system allows reporting and interrogation of assets to understand defect and maintenance trends against individual assets (i.e. can search for defect history relating to a specific asset).

Thanks to Rebecca and the Newcastle rail team for their involvement in the development and testing of the system and thanks to Duncan at Cartesian Creative for his vision, skills and ability to work within our budget.

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