Newcastle Light Rail Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Service: Asset Management, Rail | Project: NLR - Operating and Maintenance Manuals | Location: Newcastle

Lycopodium was engaged to develop a range of operating and maintenance manuals for Newcastle Light Rail

Project Overview

The Newcastle Light Rail (NLR) network is a significant piece of transport infrastructure, the centrepiece of a fully integrated, vastly improved public transport network delivered by Newcastle Transport.

The project required development and construction of 2.7 kilometres of light rail track, running from Newcastle Interchange at Wickham to Newcastle Beach. Part of the city’s Revitalising Newcastle program, its aim is to provide a frequent and reliable travel option throughout the city centre, connect key activity precincts, and open up urban renewal opportunities.

The service includes a new fleet of air-conditioned light rail vehicles with an accessible low-floor design running day and night, capable of transporting up to 1,200 passengers per hour.

Prior to the first passenger service - expected to take place in late February, 2019 - the trams will undergo extensive testing whilst drivers undertake comprehensive training. The Lycopodium Infrastructure Asset Management team were engaged to support the development of the key infrastructure operating and maintenance manuals for the project which underpin both the testing and training processes. This involved the development of 15 manuals linked to vendor information which will provide vital material for the operators of the NLR network in assisting them in the development of further detailed maintenance tasks such as isolation plans and safe work method statements.


Activities for the project included:

  • The development of 15 manuals linked to vendor information
  • Compiling maintenance details into the Technical Maintenance Plan (TMP)
  • Liaising with key stakeholders to ensure the content met contractual requirements and user functionality

Our asset management team worked with the project engineers and vendors to compile the right level of detail into the manuals for the maintainers and operators.

Transport for NSW provided the basic requirements of what was required for manuals for the light rail network.

The Lycopodium team has significant experience establishing important baseline asset information at the creation phase of an asset through its operational readiness practices.