Corrosion Loops Restructuring and Mark Up

Service: Asset Management | Project: PTTEP Australasia | Location: Northern WA, offshore

Lycopodium undertook the rationalisation of piping system corrosion loops and mark-up of P&IDs at the Montara Wellhead Platform & FPSO.

Project Overview

The Montara Wellhead Platform and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Unit can accommodate storage of the equivalent of 750,000 barrels of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).

In 2017 Lycopodium undertook the rationalisation of the piping system corrosion loops at the facility along with the markup of P&IDs as a result of the rationalisation.

Key Activities Undertaken:

  • Undertook the rationalisation of the Montara Wellhead Platform and FPSO piping system corrosion loops.
  • Undertook the markup of corrosion loops on 124 P&IDs.
  • Developed and compiled a corrosion loops asset register.

Key Outcomes Achieved:

  • The completed project provided a clear and transparent hierarchical relationship between the process, the piping system, the corrosion loops, Risk-Based Inspections (RBI) and the inspection program. 
  • This approach provided greatly improved and more effective RBI programs.